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“In this Economy’

Ok. The buzzword of the last few years is “in this economy” Fact of the matter is if I hear it one more time I might get sick.

But I suppose I need to take a deep look and realize the phrase is perceived and means something different by everyone in a different way.

1. THE POOR- I guess for the poor the phrase means nothing at all at face value. For some making decisions they would say we need to spend more on entitlement. For some they would say that the poor need to try harder if they ever want to get ahead. But i guess my question is if this economy was different, would they not be poor.

2. THE MIDDLE CLASS- This category represents 80 to 90% of America. In my opinion “this economy” impacts this group the most. If you listen to one side it is felt the government is squeezing the daylights out of this class, whereas the other side is asking for more accountability. My question is the same as before. If “this Economy” was different, would they still be in the middle class.

3. THE WEALTHY- Now it is my opinion that this class is least affected. Now this is not to say that are not affected at all. If you listen to one side they should “give up” more of their money, whereas the other would say they have earned it and taking it forcefully is stealing. I know this is boring but the question is the same, would the wealthy still be wealthy if this economy was different.

My thoughts are that everyone would be in the same class. Not just for the short term but for the long term as well. That is unless they change their mindsets

You hear the phrase the rich get rich, the poor get poorer. Well who do rich talk to? Rich people. What do they talk about? Increasing their wealth. Who do poor people talk to? Poor people. What do they talk about? Bills, bills, and more bills. Constantly filling their minds with negativity. And who do the middle class talk to? Nobody. Spend too much time trying to look wealthy, while slowly navigating to the poor side. Appearance is everything to this class. You know the type, Mercedes in circle driveway but no furniture inside.

In this economy people’s habits haven’t changed from when the economy was good. Poor still blaming,middle still styling(although a little less since banks are lending less), the wealthy still trying to improve their wealth.

I guess in my humble opinion if you take out the left and the right, all you have to look at is characteristics and mindset.

Good news… those can be changed and developed. some of us still working on that. Your thoughts?