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It’s not class warfare, it’s mindset warfare

As I look at everything going on politically I realize there is truly a divide when it comes to philosphy. What I don’t know is when and where some people have formed their positions and ideas

For instance, I am black. I grew up not wealthy. As a stereotype one might presume that I would be democrat and I beleive that stats might prove that to be normal. So why am I a republican? What gave me my ideals? I think I might get my work ethic from watching my mother work the midnight shift to allow her to always be there. And although not high paying, it kept food on the table. So it is safe to say my  views were not formed in my childhood.

It got me to thinking. At what point do I start brainwashing my 6 year old? At what point do I start letting him know that his place in class should not determine his mindset. I was listening to Boortz today and he said something that made me sit out in my car to listen even with my air not working.

He stated there are different types of people. Some who work 40 hours a week and no more. When they do they demand overtime. And they choose this method to support all there goals and dreams. Then there is the other type that takes their knowledge and applies it. They invent things, open up businesses, and take risks. There mindset is one of trying to get ahead and realize it is up to you to get it done. The challenge comes when person A sees person B with a better car, house and lifestyle. And some mindsets would have you think that person A deserves what person B has because they work hard too. Well thats bull.

So I decided 1 week ago that now is the best time to shape my childs mind. I adopted a concept from the great Art Williams. The other day he was upset with a karate move he wasn’t getting right. Then he said the phrase “i can’t” so I said drop and give me 5. After 20 total pushups it is almost impossible to get him to say that word(not saying either).

And I believe that one of the main problems is that many people let their”class” determine their”mind”. Many people are in the I :that word” mode and not in the I can mode. What you focus on will grow. If all you think about is what is not going not as you would like, it leaves no room for things you would like to get in.

So with that said I have to keep my mind right so that I don’t fall into the class warfare on any side. My great highschool basketball coach taught me if you think you can you can. And people need to have that same attitude in my opinion. People need to be dependent on themselves and their God(provided they acknowledge one).

So what do I tell my son. What rules do my wife and I go by?

  • Find a way to win.
  • Act like you are happy.
  • Or go home. And if I am at your house I can leave

So to get back to my original question to myself. I guess my views came from being around people with an I can attitude. Reading books like Millionaire Next Door, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Dream Giver. From watching movies like The Pursuit of Happyness and Facing the Giants. And possible watching my parents do whatever it takes to keep my mind right.

What are you filling you mind with? Positive or negative stuff.

Hmm your choice