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How does one obtain success

Ok I know this is a loaded question. The answer will depend on who you are speaking to and how they define success. A couple of definitions according to are:

  1. the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.
  2. the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like

So let’s talk about the first. Maybe it is going to college, maybe it is finishing college. Maybe it is landing that job or being able to help an individual in need.  But as it states, a favorable outcome.

Now the second one. That is where there might be many debates. Maybe accumulated the wealth you want, got that promotion or a trophy. But if you talk to some, they do not consider wealth and status a measuring stick for some, nor the completion of a goal like finishing college or a task.

What made me think of this was a blog  I read talking about is it hard for a succesful woman to find a good man. Now what a good man is up to debate.

Here is my thought. Success is in the eye of the beholder. People want different things in life that they want. But what I do know is that whatever you want you have to work for. I personally think that most lower what they define as success based on either their current financial situation or the effort they want to put forth. It can also be determined by their surroundings.

I was told yesterday that in one culture a sign of success is getting a Mercedes, and another was getting a BMW. And once you get those that community acknowledges you as successful. Now, that is crazy to me… but remember it is in the eye of the beholder. And whatever one might think it took someone work to get to that status.

Now I have also heard people say just getting out of the neighborhood is a success. Some people in my culture just want a chance. Just want to get out. Now to some that may sound crazy… but remember it is in the eye of the beholder. Now to do this, it will require work.

So how does one obtain success? Work.  I write this because I feel that there is a ton of jealousy in this country. Too often I hear people complaining about, or being jealous of someones success. They call it unfair. I have even heard people call others evil. But how often do people look at the work behind it. Now don’t get me wrong, some luck is involved. But, one can’t expect to get lucky if there is no work involved. Does it guarantee, maybe not immediately, but the answer is not sit around and do nothing. I see too many people who are on the “not where I want to be but do nothing plan”

My wife and I were having a conversation with one of our mentors. He is a multimillionaire with a 1.8 million dollar cash flow. We happened to get in a conversation about sacrifice and what it took him to become successful, by his standards. Most people always look at the finished product and not what they went through. And then the term “give back” gets brought up. When he started on his business venture straight out of college he was already married with 2 kids. because of finances he had to take his family to live with his parents, this because he had to bolt before getting evicted. There were times when his gas was shut of so they had to heat up water on electric stove to be able to bathe his children. He had 3 houses foreclosed on and 2 cars repossessed. But through all that he worked hard to become successful. At first 6 figures was successful, then 1/2 million, then 2 million. But he gave and worked a lot to get this.

So if your goal is to get out of the situation you are in, you just got to work hard., game plan, and maybe give up something along the way if whatever you decide is success is that important to you.

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, then you will have to settle for the ordinary”-Jim Rohn

Now for some, the ordinary is ok. And that’s  ok. But please do not “hate” on those who have “success”. Go for what you want and be true to yourself. But for whatever you want…Go to work.


Show me the money……..Please

Ok first of all I would like to thank my friend Hal Williams and Shane West-Calabrese for their blogs. Here is where I am getting pissed off. Someone show me the money. I am tired of speeches and finger-pointing.

Being a person who helps put together financial plans for families, and no I am not trying to totally to compare it to national debt, I want to see some numbers. For instance when I sit down with a family, you know married home and kids, I gather all their information and come back with a plan based on their goals and dreams.

If they own a home and other debt and want to be out of debt at a certain time, we put a plan together based on amortization schedules and interest rates. If they want to retire or have money for kids education, we put together a plan based on market knowledge and risk tolerance.  If they want to do both, we put together a balanced attack. We show them the numbers that they can use to make an educated choice/commitment.

Now the Democrats insist that we need to raise taxes. We need a balanced attack. Why? isn’t the goal to eliminate debt. But i am going to put on my Independent hat right now. Like Shane said “I DON’T CARE WHO’S FAULT IT IS, YOU WERE THE ONE VOTED IN, HELL I DON’T EVEN EXPECT YOU TO BE THE SAVIOUR THAT FIXES IT ALL, ALL I ASK AS A CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY IS THAT YOU GET US MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!”

So if the answer is more “enhanced revenues” show me why. Show me how more revenues are going to solve the spending problem or debt crisis.

Now those who know me probably thought I wasn’t going to mention my Republican friends of which I am a party of( really a conservative ). But those guys are full of it too.

I am for Cut Cap and Balance in concept. But what are we cutting and how much? What will we be capping at? And will the balance rule make sense and be followed? Like the Dems, I want some numbers not just concepts and talking points. I want charts, graphs and projections. Even presumptions right now.

I would rather there be debates about numbers that we as the public can see instead if ideologies.

So here is the Saxon proposal BS2011. Lets pass cut cap and balance in the Senate. Lets Raise taxes on everybody.Lets rid the tax loopholes. So then Republicans get what they want and so do the Dems.

Now I am no economist and I want someone to correct me. If we CAP spending and make all the right cuts, and at the same time raise revenues wouldnt that create a surplus? Savings maybe. I will end with an example.

My wife and I(and you can check out her fashion blog if you are tired of politics) decide we are going to get ourselves under control. She stops shopping as much as she does and I stop eating out everyday. All told we come up with about $400 a month we can save(side note that this is the average waste i can find when i sit with families). We don’t take those savings and spend elsewhere and we cap it. Then we both get raises(you know tax hike, revenue enhancers ect) but remain to our cap.

Wouldnt that create a surplus or savings?

And then we put in a “break glass only in event of an emergency” container. The only wat to access it is with her and my key together(house and senate) to ensure used properly. Makes sense to me. Am I stupid for proposing this?

Oh wait then we would be arguing on what’s important. Dang back to Republicans vs Democrats.

My bad

It’s not class warfare, it’s mindset warfare

As I look at everything going on politically I realize there is truly a divide when it comes to philosphy. What I don’t know is when and where some people have formed their positions and ideas

For instance, I am black. I grew up not wealthy. As a stereotype one might presume that I would be democrat and I beleive that stats might prove that to be normal. So why am I a republican? What gave me my ideals? I think I might get my work ethic from watching my mother work the midnight shift to allow her to always be there. And although not high paying, it kept food on the table. So it is safe to say my  views were not formed in my childhood.

It got me to thinking. At what point do I start brainwashing my 6 year old? At what point do I start letting him know that his place in class should not determine his mindset. I was listening to Boortz today and he said something that made me sit out in my car to listen even with my air not working.

He stated there are different types of people. Some who work 40 hours a week and no more. When they do they demand overtime. And they choose this method to support all there goals and dreams. Then there is the other type that takes their knowledge and applies it. They invent things, open up businesses, and take risks. There mindset is one of trying to get ahead and realize it is up to you to get it done. The challenge comes when person A sees person B with a better car, house and lifestyle. And some mindsets would have you think that person A deserves what person B has because they work hard too. Well thats bull.

So I decided 1 week ago that now is the best time to shape my childs mind. I adopted a concept from the great Art Williams. The other day he was upset with a karate move he wasn’t getting right. Then he said the phrase “i can’t” so I said drop and give me 5. After 20 total pushups it is almost impossible to get him to say that word(not saying either).

And I believe that one of the main problems is that many people let their”class” determine their”mind”. Many people are in the I :that word” mode and not in the I can mode. What you focus on will grow. If all you think about is what is not going not as you would like, it leaves no room for things you would like to get in.

So with that said I have to keep my mind right so that I don’t fall into the class warfare on any side. My great highschool basketball coach taught me if you think you can you can. And people need to have that same attitude in my opinion. People need to be dependent on themselves and their God(provided they acknowledge one).

So what do I tell my son. What rules do my wife and I go by?

  • Find a way to win.
  • Act like you are happy.
  • Or go home. And if I am at your house I can leave

So to get back to my original question to myself. I guess my views came from being around people with an I can attitude. Reading books like Millionaire Next Door, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Dream Giver. From watching movies like The Pursuit of Happyness and Facing the Giants. And possible watching my parents do whatever it takes to keep my mind right.

What are you filling you mind with? Positive or negative stuff.

Hmm your choice

When Spending Cuts Aren’t Really Spending Cuts (or, “They Think We’re Stupid”)

When Spending Cuts Aren’t Really Spending Cuts (or, “They Think We’re Stupid”).

Entitlement Issues… It’s not just lower income people who have it

In today’s climate where there is left vs right, Democrats vs Republicans, there has been this big issue about entitlements.

We have Republicans (like me) who are screaming that we spend too much money on entitlement programs. It is their thoughts that these programs are draining the economy. Maybe we are wrong maybe we are right.

Then we have the Democrats who believe the wealthy are not entitled to their hard earned money. The wealthy believe they already pay too much taxes(not all just look up Buffets comments) and are “entitled” to keep it and pass along to their kids. By the way their kids probably think they are entitled it too.

I would like to take the politics out of it again as I attempted to last time. Realize that entitlement issues are not just for economic class warfare.

  1. College Educated– I find many people of this group has entitlement issues. Because they have had the ability or chose to go to college, they have the right to a job over someone else who may have not. I remember early in my life  I was making way more than a friend of mine who has a Masters. The thought was ” I worked hard for these degrees and I can’t find a job. You stopped going you don’t deserve the money you are making.I was a little disturbed. After all I had worked too. I felt I too was “entitled”
  2. Non Major College Athletes.- When I first started going to college football games it was a blast. I had some friends who were very smart, but like me not a major college athlete. The discussion was started by this friend saying”They treat these players like royalty.What about the Woman’s Tennis? What about the scholars? The “deserve” the same treatment don’t they. My explanation was for this person to understand that these football players bring more revenue. I mean have you ever seen the size of the stadium Purdue plays in. And although every other college athlete and student is important, they may not “deserve” the same treatment as the QB of the football team. Of course the QB deserves it, know it, and acts like it. Maybe that’s why they have trouble transitioning the real world when they are not big man on campus anymore.
  3. Lastly, The Common Worker. This is probably the one that confuses me the most. For whatever reason us common folk think we are entitled to what other folks have. I hear often how the CEO’s of the world are so evil. How owners need to give up more because we work so hard. But what amazes me the most is when us common folk get upset with professional athletes. We begin to complain how professional athletes don’t deserve their fortunes. We say silly things like we work 60 hours a week just to make ends meet and they should not slack off in the 4th quarter. They should play with injuries. Sign my autograph. Really? Do we always give our complete 100% to our employees. Do we work sick all the time? Yet if we pay money to see a baseball game we get offended that Sosa didn’t run all out to 1st base. We are entitled to that?

So I guess it depends on what side you are on any situation as to how you feel. Look first at what you have and not what someone else has. I truly don’t agree with what Vick did. But I hear an announce on ESPN say he doesn’t deserve the new endorsements by Nike. Really? Nike thinks he does. I mean aren’t they the ones paying. Just a thought. What are yours


“In this Economy’

Ok. The buzzword of the last few years is “in this economy” Fact of the matter is if I hear it one more time I might get sick.

But I suppose I need to take a deep look and realize the phrase is perceived and means something different by everyone in a different way.

1. THE POOR- I guess for the poor the phrase means nothing at all at face value. For some making decisions they would say we need to spend more on entitlement. For some they would say that the poor need to try harder if they ever want to get ahead. But i guess my question is if this economy was different, would they not be poor.

2. THE MIDDLE CLASS- This category represents 80 to 90% of America. In my opinion “this economy” impacts this group the most. If you listen to one side it is felt the government is squeezing the daylights out of this class, whereas the other side is asking for more accountability. My question is the same as before. If “this Economy” was different, would they still be in the middle class.

3. THE WEALTHY- Now it is my opinion that this class is least affected. Now this is not to say that are not affected at all. If you listen to one side they should “give up” more of their money, whereas the other would say they have earned it and taking it forcefully is stealing. I know this is boring but the question is the same, would the wealthy still be wealthy if this economy was different.

My thoughts are that everyone would be in the same class. Not just for the short term but for the long term as well. That is unless they change their mindsets

You hear the phrase the rich get rich, the poor get poorer. Well who do rich talk to? Rich people. What do they talk about? Increasing their wealth. Who do poor people talk to? Poor people. What do they talk about? Bills, bills, and more bills. Constantly filling their minds with negativity. And who do the middle class talk to? Nobody. Spend too much time trying to look wealthy, while slowly navigating to the poor side. Appearance is everything to this class. You know the type, Mercedes in circle driveway but no furniture inside.

In this economy people’s habits haven’t changed from when the economy was good. Poor still blaming,middle still styling(although a little less since banks are lending less), the wealthy still trying to improve their wealth.

I guess in my humble opinion if you take out the left and the right, all you have to look at is characteristics and mindset.

Good news… those can be changed and developed. some of us still working on that. Your thoughts?

6 tips to help your kids with their homework (via LaKesha Womack)

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