Show me the money……..Please

Ok first of all I would like to thank my friend Hal Williams and Shane West-Calabrese for their blogs. Here is where I am getting pissed off. Someone show me the money. I am tired of speeches and finger-pointing.

Being a person who helps put together financial plans for families, and no I am not trying to totally to compare it to national debt, I want to see some numbers. For instance when I sit down with a family, you know married home and kids, I gather all their information and come back with a plan based on their goals and dreams.

If they own a home and other debt and want to be out of debt at a certain time, we put a plan together based on amortization schedules and interest rates. If they want to retire or have money for kids education, we put together a plan based on market knowledge and risk tolerance.  If they want to do both, we put together a balanced attack. We show them the numbers that they can use to make an educated choice/commitment.

Now the Democrats insist that we need to raise taxes. We need a balanced attack. Why? isn’t the goal to eliminate debt. But i am going to put on my Independent hat right now. Like Shane said “I DON’T CARE WHO’S FAULT IT IS, YOU WERE THE ONE VOTED IN, HELL I DON’T EVEN EXPECT YOU TO BE THE SAVIOUR THAT FIXES IT ALL, ALL I ASK AS A CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY IS THAT YOU GET US MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!”

So if the answer is more “enhanced revenues” show me why. Show me how more revenues are going to solve the spending problem or debt crisis.

Now those who know me probably thought I wasn’t going to mention my Republican friends of which I am a party of( really a conservative ). But those guys are full of it too.

I am for Cut Cap and Balance in concept. But what are we cutting and how much? What will we be capping at? And will the balance rule make sense and be followed? Like the Dems, I want some numbers not just concepts and talking points. I want charts, graphs and projections. Even presumptions right now.

I would rather there be debates about numbers that we as the public can see instead if ideologies.

So here is the Saxon proposal BS2011. Lets pass cut cap and balance in the Senate. Lets Raise taxes on everybody.Lets rid the tax loopholes. So then Republicans get what they want and so do the Dems.

Now I am no economist and I want someone to correct me. If we CAP spending and make all the right cuts, and at the same time raise revenues wouldnt that create a surplus? Savings maybe. I will end with an example.

My wife and I(and you can check out her fashion blog if you are tired of politics) decide we are going to get ourselves under control. She stops shopping as much as she does and I stop eating out everyday. All told we come up with about $400 a month we can save(side note that this is the average waste i can find when i sit with families). We don’t take those savings and spend elsewhere and we cap it. Then we both get raises(you know tax hike, revenue enhancers ect) but remain to our cap.

Wouldnt that create a surplus or savings?

And then we put in a “break glass only in event of an emergency” container. The only wat to access it is with her and my key together(house and senate) to ensure used properly. Makes sense to me. Am I stupid for proposing this?

Oh wait then we would be arguing on what’s important. Dang back to Republicans vs Democrats.

My bad


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Linda on July 26, 2011 at 5:44 PM

    I hear ya, Carl!!!!! Right on target!!!!


  2. you are right on point. sometimes the simplest plan is the most genius. raise revenues and cut spending should equal a balance and eventually a savings.
    I’m just concerned these jackwagons are going to keep cutting things we need (like education) and programs that actually benefit our children (who need help). People keep saying we’re saddling our future with huge debt – that won’t be the only thing.
    I think you’re right on point – thanks for sharing.


  3. My sister said jackwagons lol. and dude, you need to stop making sense.


  4. Posted by Mike on July 26, 2011 at 7:09 PM

    Carl I’m tired of all the talking and finger pointing myself. It distracts everyone from what the major issues are. They need to sit down and get something done. Name calling is not eliminating anything.


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