Entitlement Issues… It’s not just lower income people who have it

In today’s climate where there is left vs right, Democrats vs Republicans, there has been this big issue about entitlements.

We have Republicans (like me) who are screaming that we spend too much money on entitlement programs. It is their thoughts that these programs are draining the economy. Maybe we are wrong maybe we are right.

Then we have the Democrats who believe the wealthy are not entitled to their hard earned money. The wealthy believe they already pay too much taxes(not all just look up Buffets comments) and are “entitled” to keep it and pass along to their kids. By the way their kids probably think they are entitled it too.

I would like to take the politics out of it again as I attempted to last time. Realize that entitlement issues are not just for economic class warfare.

  1. College Educated– I find many people of this group has entitlement issues. Because they have had the ability or chose to go to college, they have the right to a job over someone else who may have not. I remember early in my life  I was making way more than a friend of mine who has a Masters. The thought was ” I worked hard for these degrees and I can’t find a job. You stopped going you don’t deserve the money you are making.I was a little disturbed. After all I had worked too. I felt I too was “entitled”
  2. Non Major College Athletes.- When I first started going to college football games it was a blast. I had some friends who were very smart, but like me not a major college athlete. The discussion was started by this friend saying”They treat these players like royalty.What about the Woman’s Tennis? What about the scholars? The “deserve” the same treatment don’t they. My explanation was for this person to understand that these football players bring more revenue. I mean have you ever seen the size of the stadium Purdue plays in. And although every other college athlete and student is important, they may not “deserve” the same treatment as the QB of the football team. Of course the QB deserves it, know it, and acts like it. Maybe that’s why they have trouble transitioning the real world when they are not big man on campus anymore.
  3. Lastly, The Common Worker. This is probably the one that confuses me the most. For whatever reason us common folk think we are entitled to what other folks have. I hear often how the CEO’s of the world are so evil. How owners need to give up more because we work so hard. But what amazes me the most is when us common folk get upset with professional athletes. We begin to complain how professional athletes don’t deserve their fortunes. We say silly things like we work 60 hours a week just to make ends meet and they should not slack off in the 4th quarter. They should play with injuries. Sign my autograph. Really? Do we always give our complete 100% to our employees. Do we work sick all the time? Yet if we pay money to see a baseball game we get offended that Sosa didn’t run all out to 1st base. We are entitled to that?

So I guess it depends on what side you are on any situation as to how you feel. Look first at what you have and not what someone else has. I truly don’t agree with what Vick did. But I hear an announce on ESPN say he doesn’t deserve the new endorsements by Nike. Really? Nike thinks he does. I mean aren’t they the ones paying. Just a thought. What are yours



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