Compound questions only complicate the sales closing process.

Maybe sometimes people are nervous. Maybe not prepared. It could be they just don’t know what to say. Whatever the reason, sales people and lead generators seem to have “compound question syndrome.

Quite often on a sales call I hear people explain why they are calling ask for time, but ask it in a compound way. An example. “and unless i caught you at a bad time, with a brief conversation we determine if our solution might be a good fit for your organization. Did I catch you with a couple minutes, or are you busy right now?

There is no need to imply you want some of their time, then ask again for time, and then ask if they don’t have.

let’s just say you make it past the introduction and you actually get in the meat of the conversation. You find out their Situation, their Problem, what the Implications are and what they Need(SPIN SELLING). Now it is time to find out what the evaluation process is. Here we go again. We can’t help but ask another complicated compound question. “So what is your role in the evaluation process, do you make the final decision, umm do you make recommendation, orrrr how does that work”

This once again complicates the process and does not allow a smooth transition to close the sale or lead.

To me there are 3 things one must do

1. Be Prepared
2. Be confident in your questions

The people you talk to on the phone are not ignorant and have the ability to answer a direct question. Do not talk yourself out of a sale or lead by sounding inexperienced and anxious.


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